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Spending on Wedding Gifts in Singapore

Sep 01,2021 | MyDreamVibe. Co

Spending on Wedding Gifts in Singapore
Weddings, like everything else in Singapore, are extremely expensive. However, it is an unavoidable expenditure for most people who wish to begin this important chapter in their lives. We are all aware that the cost of a wedding may be too high for the wedding couple. That, however, is just half of the picture. What about us, the visitors? If you have a lot of friends who are getting married right now, or if you go to a lot of weddings, you'll understand what I mean. When you accept an invitation to an outstanding wedding celebration, lovely gifts, clothes, transportation, and the like may all add up!
The wedding couple may be spending a lot of money on their big day. Even small, private weddings may cost thousands of dollars. A wedding in Singapore may cost between SGD 30,000 and SGD 80,000 for the average bride and husband. Aside from the happy couple, a wedding may be costly for everyone else in attendance.
A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event for the happy couple; and you will find various wedding gift recommendations. Receiving an invitation to this extremely special event shows that you are an important part of their life. The finest thing you can do to express your love is to be present on their special day. However, if you are a frequent visitor at your family and friends' weddings, you are aware that this may be costly. If you add up everything from monetary wedding gifts to your fancy clothes and travel expenses, you might be surprised at the amount of spending you reach if you attend a lot of weddings.
In Singapore, it is traditional for wedding guests to give the newlyweds gift money. Some folks provide personalized wedding gifts as well. It is understood that not all attendees can afford to give a large wedding contribution, but it is considered good manners to bring a small present to any occasion, whether it is a wedding or a birthday. One of the most frequent blunders that a wedding guest must avoid, is arriving empty-handed. If you can't afford to gift the couple anything, then carrying a card to avoid any embarrassment will be enough.
What you give the couple should be based purely on your connection with them as well as your financial resources.
Because your BFF had a 10-person backyard wedding does not mean you should give them a cheap gift. Also, if you are attending several parties for the couple, consider the 60-20-20 guideline, which states that you should spend 20% of your entire money on an engagement party gift, 20% on a bridal shower gift, and 60% on the actual wedding gift. As we all know, individuals from many cultures live in Singapore, therefore some information about them is provided below.
The wedding gift (or ang bao) for a traditional Chinese wedding can range from SGD 60 to SGD 300, depending on the hotels or location chosen. The amount you give will be primarily determined by your relationship with the bride or groom, so consider how close you feel you are to them.
The ang bao will also be determined by the location of the dinner. Try to contribute as much as you anticipate your dinner will cost. For example, if the reception is being hosted in St. Regis, Capella, or Marina Bay Sands, the socially acceptable sum for your wedding present may be greater, such as approximately SGD 300.
In Singapore, it is a common tradition to give money to the newlyweds. It is understandable that not all of the guests can afford to give a luxurious or expensive gift, but it is considered good etiquette to bring along some token gift to a wedding. It is not the price of the gift that is considered but the love and affection of the giver. So, do not hesitate if your gift is not expensive as others, because the couple will value the gift not the price tag.